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Latin Dance Lessons Melbourne


Melbourne has many of the BEST Latin Dance Studios offering some of the BEST Latin Dance Lessons in Melbourne. Check our Latin Dance Calendar for Classes today.


Latin Dances Classes & Events


A variety of Latin Dance Styles including the more popular Salsa, Bachata, Samba and the Merengue are taught by Latin Dance Professional at the many Latin Dance School and there is sure to be one located in your local area.


Students of all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced dancers


you don’t need a partner!



So if you are looking to learn how to move to the many latin dance rhythms and meet new people in a fun and friendly environment check out our Latin Dance Calendar for all Classes and Events in Melbourne.


Latin Dancing is alive in Melbourne for people of all ages, so come along, learn and enjoy what Latin Dancing has to offer, build your confidence as you become more and more comfortable displaying those new latin dance moves on the dance floor.


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Latin Dancing in Melbourne


Latin Dancing in Melbourne is alive with people of all ages being entertained by a variety of Latin Dance Styles in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Moomba Weekend in Melbourne 2015, saw people of all ages enjoying the sounds of Latin Music at THE TENT where the LATIN CONNECTIONS RESIDENCY put on an amazing evening demonstrating a variety of Latin Dance Styles to the patrons of Moomba



Improve your Dancing - LATIN CONNECTIONS RESIDENCYTHE TENT filled with people of all demographics, young old, singles, families, all there to enjoy a display of Latin Dance Styles and Latin Dance Performances.


Andrew & Lisa from The Bachata Project in Melbourne, got the evening started, entertaining the crowd with a quick demonstration of what they were about to learn.



People of all ages then quickly took to the floor and were fully engaged in learning the steps to the Merengue, the Latin Dance Style made famous from the movie, Dirty Dancing.


Moomba Fireworks - Improve your Dancing
As the fireworks display lit up the sky,
      the Latin Dancers lit up the Latin Dance Floor
                  at THE TENT at Moomba.



The evening were a great success, with Latin Music, coming from THE TENT, at Moomba, drawing in the crowds throughout the evening


The evening ended with a number of Latin Dance Studios showcasing a variety of Latin Dance Styles.  The crowd was entertained with some top Latin Dance Performances with ordinary people putting on an extraordinary display of Latin Dancing.


Latin Dancing in Melbourne is alive with Latin Dance Classes and Events found all over Melbourne, check your local guide for more information.


Beginners to advance classes in a variety of Latin Dance Styles are offered by the many Latin Dance Studios in Melbourne with some providing social dancing after classes giving Latin Dancers an opportunity to practices and showcase their latest Latin Dance Steps and Movements.


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International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob Day 2015


Join in the FUN and MYSTERY of the International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob Day 2015, 28th March 2015 at 4.00pm at a location only divulged to the performers.


The International Casino Community will get together again “simultaneously” all over the world to celebrate International Rueda de Casino “Multi Flash Mob Day”!


Melbourne Latin Festival


The 7th annual Melbourne Latin Festival will be held over the Easter Weekend on the 3,4 & 5th April 2015 at Jason Colemans, Ministry of Dance, new venue, located at 1/64 SUTTON ST, NORTH MELBOURNE.


This year’s Melbourne Latin Festival will be a celebration of LATIN DANCE STYLES with workshops designed to engage the complete novice to the most professional Latin dancer.


Portsea Summer Latin Festival


The 5th annual Portsea Summer Latin Festival will be held on Friday 27 February to Sunday 1 March 2015 at the Portsea Camp, 3704 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea, VIC3944 Australia.


It is the time of the year to experience a fantastic, inspiring weekend away with a non-stop program of Latin Dance parties, shows, entertainment, workshops and beachside activities!



Dance is so amazing.  Dance is a way to express yourself, dance provides stress relief, dance is even proven to make you smarter.

Check out what one study had to say about dance:



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