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Find out more about musicality and how it can take your dancing to a whole new level.

Ever watched a group of experienced dancers freestyle and wonder how come they all shine at the same time?  Or how they somehow look similar all the time even though they are freestyle dancing?  The secret is understanding musicality.

Musicality is not the same as timing, it is painting the picture of the song as visual artists from the beginning to end with our bodies.  It is a key part of turning your dancing into a conversation between you, your dance partner and the music.

As the man leads, he starts the process and leaves the lady to finish it off.  If a man understands musicality he will create a wonderful blank canvas for the lady, and if the lady understands musicality she can picture the music in her body, react to the music and the lead so well it takes the dancing experience to a whole new level.


This e-book will explore tricks and certain secrets of how this is done, starting from the lead and finishing with the follow.