Latin dancers looking to IMPROVE your DANCING should explore the IMPORTANT of Muscle Memory techniques and how they can be adopted to improve your dancing.


Muscle Memory Helps IMPROVE your DANCING!


Muscle Memory is a motor skill acquired by repetition. When you teach yourself any type of movement, like one of the many Latin Dance Styles, your brain creates a blueprint of those movements and stores it in your brain ready to be recalled when you next perform those steps or routines.


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The best thing about muscle memory is that it’s something you can practice as part of your daily routine.

So take a 3-5 minute during the day and practice a specific move you have being trying to refine or acquire.

After doing this couple times, move on to one of the many other moves and soon you would have built up a handful of steps, ready to be performed at any social latin dance event with ease.


The more you do an exercise, the more you build up the procedural memory so that your brain can quickly instruct your muscles to perform that movement.


“Your brain creates pathways through your central nervous system, and movements become automatic,

– ” says Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., fitness research director at Quincy College in Massachusetts.

Those well-worn pathways become your muscle memory


One of the MOST important points to remember is that Muscle Memory does not judge whether you are doing your steps the correct way, so it is EXTREMELY important to have mastered your latin dance style step before you commit to it using any muscle memory techniques.


Muscle memory is a form of procedural memory and can help you become very good at something

                                                       or absolutely terrible at that same thing.


REMEMBER when you repeat a mistake again and again, you build a muscle memory with those mistakes which eventually become even harder to overcome later.


Perfect Practice helps you develop that Perfect Latin Dance Step and show off your moves on the dance show.


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Develop a solid foundation of techniques first and then develop your muscle movement and that will serve you well in developing your latin dance moves and style.


Perfect repetition linked by some mysterious connection to our muscle memory enables us to eventually not have to think about our steps and just feel the rhythm of the music.



Soon our bodies just seem to know what to do, leaving our brains free to our imaginations and to perform with elegance and style.

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