Australian Kizomba Festival will be held 30 July – 2 August 2015 with 4 nights of amazing Kizomba Parties and 3 days of Workshops dedicated to Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Kuduro and Afro.


Kizomba has been in Australia since around 2008 and this dance started to gain popularity, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne from 2012.

This growing interest and passion for Kizomab dance, music and parities is what makes it possible to bring you the 2nd Australian Kizomba Festival with the official pre-party to be held on the 30th July 2015.  The event will bring Australia’s best Kizomba instructors from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth for 3 days of Kizomba workshops and parties at night.




Kizomba is the evolution:of a younger generation listening to traditional music like Semba, feeling something was missing, adding a modern and sensual touch. The addition of an electronic percussion with a slow and extremely sensual rhythm saw the birth of Kizomba. During the following years Kizomba was developed and spread worldwide as a music that catches your ear and a dance that catches your soul.



Dancing Kizomba is a unique experience: partners move in a sensual wavy motion, where leading and being led finds a new dimension.


Dancing Kizomba that gives you not only an amazing feeling but also the basic steps to other related rhythms, Kizomba is all about connecting people.


Get ready to Perform at the prestigious 2015 2015 AUSTRALIAN KIZOMBA FESTIVAL in Melbourne from 30th July to 2nd August 2015.


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