The Latin Dance Style the Merengue is easier to learn as the level of coordination required between the legs and arms is less crucial than other Latin Dances.


The Merengue is often referred to as the Walking Dance as it takes a step on each beat of the music.

The amount of hip action can vary according to personal preferences along with the many turn options that can be added to this simple walk action.


The merengue is more than just stepping on the beats, it’s about latin dancers expressing themselves to the music, and the steps of the meringue having the flexibility to allows latin dancers to do just that.


Latin Dance Styles - Melbourne MerengueThe manner in which a Latin Dancers execute the Merengue is to reflect the rhythm structure, the music pulses and the way the melody weaves throughout the song which is the true expression of this latin dance style.


The Merengue has terrific hip motions and FUN pattern


The Merengue is lots of FUN and very easy to learn.


Latin Dance Studios in Melbourne are now including the Merengue as one of Latin Dance Styles on offer with classes available for all levels of dancers and requires NO PARTNER to attend.


so CHECK our Latin Dance Calendar for Merengue Classes and Events that are being offering in Melbourne or to learn in the privacy of your home visit our shop for the latest Merengue DVD’s.


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