The Salsa is the most popular Latin Dance Styles and is the KING of Latin Dancing. It is a lively dance with some basic steps that are quick and easy to learn.


It is believe that Salsa Dancing began in New York in the mid-1970s although it exact origin is not know.


Zen and Salsa Dancing - Improve your Dancing



Salsa Dancing consists of 3 steps, 2 quicks and 1 slow or a pause and can be dance On1 or On2.

The On1 which is more of a LA Style is often seen as more exciting and flamboyant while On2 has a more relaxed, smooth feel consider more of a NY Style.



Beginners find the Latin Dance Style of the Salsa basic steps easy to learn while the advance latin dancers enjoys the challenges of the fast paced and more intricate steps offered by this Latin Dance Style.


The Salsa is FAST PACED with some EXCITING turns


The Salsa is lots of FUN with some of it basic steps EASY TO LEARN.


The Salsa is one of the more popular Latin Dance Styles offered by the many Latin Dance Studios with a number of Salsa classes and events in Melbourne available for all levels of dancers and requires NO PARTNER to attend.


so CHECK our Latin Dance Calendar for Salsa Classes and Events that are being offering in Melbourne or to learn in the privacy of your home or visit our shop for the latest Salsa DVD’s.



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