The emotion of dance plays a vital role in some of the most important and life altering celebrations and allows you to involve other in the celebrations.


There are many things in life we can do to show emotions and let others know how we feel.


Some people sing, some people write poetry and prose, some retreat within themselves and hold it all inside. Others dance.


Dance has for centuries been a way to express a wide range of emotions. It is an excellent outlet for the emotions that at times our minds simply cannot process.


Dancing is a method in which you can work through those emotions and to some degree move on with your life in spite of emotional upheaval.


It is believed that belly dancing brings not only emotional healing but also physical healing for some conditions. Dance is well known as a form of exercise but belly dancing is a type of dancing that is body friendly. This means that you do not need to be in the best of physical shape to enter into this sort of dancing. You will not have to worry about stress on your joints due to high impact moves that other forms of dance require.


The African healing dance is consider to be a more high impact dance which focuses on healing through expressions of emotions and joy. This is a very uplifting form of dance and one well worth considering if you would like to focus on feeling happy and energetic and renewing your joy for living.


There are also healing water dances or hydrotherapy that are often used in helping people with specific injuries. These sessions are low impact though there is some degree of resistance offered through the water for great results.


Considering learning to dance in order to improve your quality of life or just your enjoyment of life in general.


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