Dance has played a vital role in some of the most important and life altering celebrations and ceremonies highlighting the important of dance.


The ability to dance, as an outward expression of emotion is one of those rare things that separates a man from a beast.


Though the importance of dance is seeing a rebirth and understanding some of the important issues that dance addresses.


It is far more than something meant to entertain spectators. It should also entertain those that are doing the dancing.


In addition to the entertainment aspect of dance, dance is also a physical activity. We live in a world where the expected lifespan of our children, is shorter than the lifespan of those who are already adults.  The primary reason for this is a lack of physical fitness and an over abundance of weight.


We need to lead by example and show our children that it is important to do little things that get us off our seats and moving around.


Dance is a great way to do exactly that.


Dance has other fitness benefits
  • By increasing your muscle tone and your blood flow by dancing you are giving your heart a ‘battery boost’ so to speak. Doing this on a regular basis will lead your heart to be a much healthier heart than if you were to lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Dance also relieves stress and releases endorphins if you are working up a good sweat. This makes you feel happy and relieves and reduces instances of depression.
  • Another great benefit of dance increases muscle tone and a renewed sense of grace and constantly increasing self-confidence.

Of course, if these reasons aren’t enough to convince you of the important role that dance can play in your life as well as in society then perhaps you should just get out there and dance.


Try it out, see how much fun it is to dance for no reason, experience the importance of dance, why we as a society need to engage in dance.


Latin Dancing offers all this and so much more….


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