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Latin Dance Styles e-Books available PLUS steps to Improve your Dancing.

Experience the JOY of Latin Dancing, and the many Latin Dance Styles.

Latin Dancing is vibrant and exploding all over the world.




Musicality Unlocked

Unlock the secrets to musicality here.


This e-book will explore tricks and certain secrets of how this is done, starting from the lead and finishing with the follow.

Musicality is not the same as timing, it is painting the picture of the song as visual artists from the beginning to end with our bodies. It is a key part of turning your dancing into a conversation between you, your dance partner and the music.






Latin Dance Styles - Bachata

Are you one of the lucky few able to attend Bachata classes in Melbourne with The Bachata Project?  This is your syllabus for the Level 2 weekly class.

If you are not lucky enough to live in Melbourne, have you checked out the free ebook on this website 7 Ways to Improve Your Dancing Now?  We highly recommend this for anyone who has a desire to follow their passion.

To download the syllabus is FREE, just press the purchase button and ‘purchase’ for $0 (no payment details required).  Download your FREE copy today.


7 Ways to Improve Your Dancing NOW Ebook Cover


You found dance and now you’ve come across the desire to improve. Where do you start? You’ve come to the right place, and this ebook will give you 7 ways you can start to improve straight away.

Understanding how to improve will not only keep you from making mistakes, but will lead you to ongoing success. Continue down to path to success and download this FREE ebook now!




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