Costume Accessory Tips

Ladies: What to put in your dance costume kit

– Dance Shoes (pack these somewhere near the top of your bag for Tech Run)

– Fishnets/Stockings

– Undergarments including Black Shorts and Tan Bra

– Spare bra straps

– Safety pins for emergency use

– Hair ties, comb, hair spray and hair clips/bobby pins

– Make up kit (foundation, Smokey eyes using black to white colours, mascara/false eyelashes, blush, and red lipstick.  Also, bring your own mirror!)

– A loose dress you can use to change under

– A cardigan/jacket to walk around in once you have your costume on to keep your costume clean and covered.


Black or Tan Shoes on a budget
These lovely shoes are the perfect budget performance shoe. Performance shoes should be clean (with few scuffs etc), but getting a brand new pair just to perform in can be a bit pricy. Not anymore! These are also perfect for when you need a specific colour for a particular performance in a colour that you would not ordinarily own, or are required to perform outdoors or on surfaces you just don’t want to wear your fav shoes.
Budget Black or Tan Shoes

Black or Tan Shoes from an Australian Seller

Vivaz Dance - The perfect dance partner

Vivaz Dance are the perfect dance partner and have a range of Latin shoes that meet the needs for performance shoes.  Vivaz are based in Sydney AUSTRALIA and offer EXPRESS SHIPPING, a 110% Comfort Guarantee, free shipping for orders over $199 and GREAT SALE PRICES.

Check out the latin shoes section.

Closed Toe Dance Shoe complete with Glitter
These shoes have been included because every time I wear them I always get asked where I bought them from! They offer a unique colour choice which allows you to match your social dancing outfit or purchase a black and gold pair for your casual Street Latin performances.
My Favourite Pair of Shoes


Suntan Fishnets by Fiesta

Want the mysterious cabaret ‘Moulin Rouge’ looking legs?  These fiesta brand fishnets give your legs the perfect finish.  They are strong, durable, stretchy, compressing and perfect for performing.  From an Aussie seller, these will arrive at your doorstep a within a week of purchase.

Fiesta Fishnets from Aussie Seller

Dark Brown Fishnets and “Skin” Colour Fishnets
Want the mysterious cabaret ‘Moulin Rouge’ looking legs without a huge price tag? Professional fishnets are wonderful, but for a causal performer can be a bit out of budget. These are a comfortable yet practical budget alternative.
Dark Brown Fishnets


One of my fav purchases to date, Multi Way Bra.
This Multi-Way Bra is perfect for anyone from the casual performer to professional performer to anyone with formal dresses. One bra, multiple ways with the option of a single strap across your back, backless, halter etc etc. An amazing tool and a must have item!

The Multi Way Bra

Black shorts/hotpants
Street Latin is all about fun, so to help avoid unsightly wardrobe malfunctions, make sure you add a pair of Black hotpants to your costume kit so if your skirt does fly a little high the audience can focus on your dancing and not your costume 🙂

For safety reasons, no jewellery is to be worn while performing (wedding bands are okay, earrings with a small stud only).

Appearance is important, but many students and fellow competitors (especially from other schools) may turn this into a major stress point.  Your appearance will be judged and being slightly outside your comfort zone is a great feeling of accomplishment, however please make sure the balance of comfortable/outside your comfort zone is right (e,g. there is no point in switching from glasses to contact lenses if this will impact your dance ability).

Your dancing will shine though any appearance factors.

Other items to pack:

–          A water bottle

–          Extra deodorant

–          Any medicines you require

–          Baby wipes (they are great for any spills, getting off make up from clothes etc)

–          Safety pins

–          Skin colour band-aids

–          Some snack food that is filling, easy to eat and won’t mess up your costume.

–          A jacket to keep warm/cover your costume before you perform

–          We always recommend packing something comfortable to social dance in afterwards.


Dance tips:

–          “Keep those toes pointed!” Wimpy feet are not attractive.

–          “Don’t look at the floor while you are dancing,”

–          “Use natural expressions. Let your face show how you feel. If you have that joy of dance inside you as you perform, it will show on your face.”

Don’t forget to:

–          “Get everything ready the day before”

–          “Get some rest the night before, and during the day”

–          “Think positively. Don’t get freaked out because someone is dancing to the same song as you or has the same costume. It is the dancer who makes the dance.”

–          “Have fun! The audience can tell if you are nervous. Relax and try to enjoy yourself— it will shine through in your performance.”

Any questions?  We’re sure your teacher/coach will be happy to help.  Enjoy 🙂



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